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Seiko 5 Sports - Re-born!

Show your style through Seiko 5 Sport collection.

You are welcome in-store today to see our selection of 18 Seiko 5 Watches!

The new collection has 5 styles within the series:

Sports Style: Go beyond the norm.

SRPD59K1 - Metal Strap with Bright Orange Face

Suits Style: The power of refinement.

SRPD65K2 - Silicone Strap with Black Dial and Cream Details

Specialist Style: A look for all times.

SRPD76K1 - Silicone Strap with Leather Details and Rose Coloured Case

Street Style: Do it your way.

SRPD79K1 - Matt Black Watch on a fabric strap

Sense Style: Creativity is all about the detail.

SRPD85K1 - Brown toned watch with green seconds hand detail

In a 2019 press-release Seiko reminisce over the history of the collection. The 1963 Seiko 5, Sportmatic 5, was the first every ever automatic day-date watch.

"The '5' represented the promise that every Seiko 5 watch would have five key attributes; an automatic movement, a day-date display at the three o’clock position, water resistance, a recessed crown at the four o’clock position and a case and bracelet built for durability."

"Taken together and in combination with the then new mainspring and shock resistance system, these features gave Seiko 5 its distinctive appearance and its strength."

Pop in-store to see all the watches in our Seiko Display cabinet and discuss with staff further details. All watches come with a 2 year guarantee.

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