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This timepiece is named for its ‘crystal box’ pressed dial pattern – inspired by the legacy of the original Seiko Astron and its association with Quartz crystals, being the first ever quartz powered watch launched in the world back in 1969.

The name also refers to the box-shaped sapphire crystal glass found on several Seiko designs – a scratch-resistant raised glass with impressive clarity which sits slightly proud from the bezel giving modern legibility benefits and a vintage geometric feel.

In a first for the Astron collection, designed to express new levels of innovation within the designs, this watch features a bezel in a polygonal shape and gives the piece its strong and dynamic appearance along with its highly visible indices.

It features a 3X62 Solar-powered in-house built movement with GPS functionality, so it has exceptional accuracy being updated remotely by GPS satellite when the wearer moves between timezones.

Seiko Astron: the world’s first GPS solar watch – powered by light, automatically adjusted to your exact time through the latest satellite technology.

Astron GPS Solar ‘Sapphire Blue’ Crystal Box

  • Calibre 3X62
    Movement Type GPS Solar
    Accuracy ±15 seconds per month (±1 second per day)
    Case Material Titanium (Super Hard Coating)
    Case Diameter 41.2mm
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